Ads.Txt Could Save Ad Tech—If It Wasn’t So Convoluted Though IAB-driven initiative was created to increase transparency, experts say it’s doing anything but – Adweek Feature

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Our CEO and Founder Charles Cantu at RESET Digital is the voice of concise and brutally honest expertise in what is really happening behind the scenes in the ad-tech industry; and how Ads.cert files, a new attempt to elucidate confusion, take one step further in authenticating information sent throughout the advertising chain of command using […]

Marketing Futures Podcast Episode 5: Digitally Transforming a Century-Old Brand with Charlie Chappell of The Hershey Company

Posted 1 CommentPosted in Uncategorized The Hershey Company is celebrating it’s 125-year anniversary in 2019; even a brand as established and beloved as Hershey isn’t impervious to disruption. We spoke with Charlie Chappell, Head of Integrated Media and Comms Planning at The Hershey Company, about the company’s philosophy on innovation, what it took to “digitally transform” its legacy media […]