Marketing Futures Podcast Episode 3: What’s Next in Programmatic, with Matt Sweeney, CEO of Xaxis North America

Posted Leave a commentPosted in Uncategorized Programmatic technology is still largely a mystery to many marketers. Considered the Holy Grail by some, and Pandora’s Box by others, one thing is clear: it has completely transformed the way advertisers reach consumers through digital media. The ANA Marketing Futures Podcast set out to shed some light on the subject with our very […]

Marketing Futures Podcast Episode 2: Gaming, eSports, and Building Brands Through Culture, with Unanimous Games

Posted Leave a commentPosted in Uncategorized The Marketing Futures Podcast returns with a “live” episode from NYC Media Labs in Brooklyn, NY, as part of the first-ever Marketing Futures Conference. We spoke to an all-star panel, including Rahmuhl Nurse, CMO of Unanimous Games, actor and gamer Evan Parke, and Andre and Josh Lopes—better known as “ThatsWet” and “Cheeseaholic”—two YouTube gamers […]

Marketing Futures Podcast Episode 1: The Emerging Market of Legal Cannabis, with Tiki Barber of Grove Group Management

Posted Leave a commentPosted in Uncategorized Welcome to the inaugural episode of the ANA Marketing Futures Podcast, a crossroads for marketers, entrepreneurs, innovators, and academia to discuss and debate the future of marketing, and business in general. Hosted by Charles Cantu, Founder and CEO of RESET DIGITAL, the Marketing Futures podcast looks to demystify emerging trends, share different perspectives on critical economic […]

‘Contracts are just the first step:’ Advertisers grapple with DSP demands – Digiday Feature

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As pressure mounts on advertisers to know exactly what ads they’re paying for, the way they work with the ad tech making those purchases is changing. Advertisers are paying closer attention to how the technologies improve inventory quality and weed out the bad games happening within auctions. Reset Digital’s closed beta version of a biddable transparent supply chain and […]