Marketing Futures Podcast Episode 12: Brand Safety in Influencer Marketing, with Richard Plansky and Benedict Hamilton of Kroll

Posted Leave a commentPosted in Uncategorized Can influencer marketing go wrong? It is one of the hottest trends in the industry right now. At the 2019 ANA influencer conference, we spoke with Richard Plansky and Benedict Hamilton of Kroll, a corporate investigation company, about brand safety in influencer marketing. Richard and Ben discussed the right way for brands to approach […]

Marketing Futures Podcast Episode 10: Possibility-Based Marketing with Dr. Joseph Riggio

Posted Leave a commentPosted in Uncategorized Please welcome Dr. Joseph Riggio, an expert in cognitive and neuroscience, and an executive trainer and consultant for 30 years, to the ANA Marketing Futures Podcast. Dr. Riggio breaks down for us the “carrot” vs “stick” motivation and why “FOMO” is not a long-term strategy in marketing. “Possibility-Based Marketing” is the recommendation. Learn why […]

Marketing Futures Podcast Episode 11: The Digital Helix, with author Chris Aarons

Posted Leave a commentPosted in Uncategorized It’s 2020, and still one of the most popular topics among marketers is digital transformation. According to a study by Deloitte, 87% of companies think digital will disrupt their industry, but only 44% feel they’re prepared for such a disruption. Today we’re talking with Chris Aarons, one of the co-authors of the Digital Helix: […]

The Cookie Isn’t Dead

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The cookie isn’t dead. It’s not dying; at least not the way so many have tantrum’d on about (THE COOKIE JAR IS MOVING)… Our world is changing; yes. How marketers and tech can access, process and collect known and unknown audience data is shifting. YOU/WE HAVE 2 YEARS TO FIGURE IT OUT. That is plenty […]

Marketing Futures Podcast Episode 9: Partners in Activation, with Joel Walker of BlueChip Marketing

Posted Leave a commentPosted in Uncategorized Jump in as our miniseries on the Future of Brand Activation rolls on with guest Joel Walker, Group Creative Director at BlueChip Marketing. Joel and his team have worked with brands ranging from challengers fighting for market share, to category leaders looking to evolve with the times, helping to infuse their marketing with the […]

Marketing Futures Podcast Episode 8: Six Months to the Super Bowl with Alvaro Luque of Avocados from Mexico

Posted Leave a commentPosted in Uncategorized Proudly presenting a special 5-part miniseries on The Future of Brand Activation, showcasing brands that are driving growth using key elements of Brand Activation, including influencer marketing, retail activation, commerce marketing, and more. Alvaro Luque, handpicked as the 1st president and CEO of Avocados from Mexico, kicks us off by sharing with us how […]

Marketing Futures Podcast Episode 7: Future Facing Brands, with Ned Duggan of Bacardi

Posted Leave a commentPosted in Uncategorized What does innovation look like; the use of cutting-edge tech to engage customers, unconventional partnerships to bring your brand to exciting new spaces, or taking a bold stance in something you believe in? Join our CEO and Founder Charles, as we discuss these and more with Global SVP of Marketing at Bacardi, Ned Duggan […]

Marketing Futures Podcast Episode 6: Corporate Venture Capital, with Jessica Peltz of MDC Ventures

Posted Leave a commentPosted in Uncategorized What type of partnerships make sense for brands, whose objectives aren’t quick profit, but learnings and competitive advantages? And how does a brand even enter this space? Our CEO and Founder, Charles Cantu, spoke with Jessica Peltz of MDC Ventures, who shared her journey into the world of Corporate VC, and discussed some tech […]