Marketing Futures Podcast Episode 1: The Emerging Market of Legal Cannabis, with Tiki Barber of Grove Group Management


Welcome to the inaugural episode of the ANA Marketing Futures Podcast, a crossroads for marketers, entrepreneurs, innovators, and academia to discuss and debate the future of marketing, and business in general. Hosted by Charles Cantu, Founder and CEO of RESET DIGITAL, the Marketing Futures podcast looks to demystify emerging trends, share different perspectives on critical economic issues, and help marketers and business owners focus on what matters most: growing their brands.

In our first episode, we spoke with Tiki Barber, former NY Giant and founding member of Grove Group Management, a cross-functional group that helps build brands in the emerging market of legal cannabis. Barber and Cantu discussed the challenges and opportunities of this new, rapidly expanding market, and what lessons brands can take from the businesses “growing” in it.

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