The Cookie Isn’t Dead

The cookie isn’t dead. It’s not dying; at least not the way so many have tantrum’d on about (THE COOKIE JAR IS MOVING)… Our world is changing; yes. How marketers and tech can access, process and collect known and unknown audience data is shifting. YOU/WE HAVE 2 YEARS TO FIGURE IT OUT. That is plenty of time. Sure, if you didn’t understand how things work in the first place; it’s scary. People were afraid of cars, computers and some crazy fad called the internet… Get over it. The answers are already out there… If you read this far, I will hand you a couple of nuggets for your journey… Half of all data today that you need and want (approx… see data cos for the exact but it’s about half based on my trusted advisors) is mobile. Mobile = already cookieless! Set top boxes… Cookieless… Cars… Cookieless… Audio devices… Yep no cookies. Some billboards have cookies (not data useful ;-). By the way, a bigger concern: Ask, how much attribution fraud happens in the Appleverse? We have things to focus on AND some of the most brilliant and creative minds in the world in our industry. Let’s start solving for the challenges; now and later. Envision your mom saying, “it’s going to be OK. You are ok.” RESET DIGITAL hashtagmarketing

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